Local Focus, Global Reach

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District of Columbia

Cooper operates worldwide, but our primary area of operation is within a 100 mile radius of Washington DC. We maintain US headquarters in Vienna, VA, and in Frederick, MD, as well as a project operations office in North Carolina.

Over the past 60 years, Cooper has serviced nearly every government facility in the Washington, DC area. Since 1946, our team has literally helped build the region. We’ve been an integral part of the expansion of government facilities and commercial centers throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia area. Over the past two decades, we have refined our expertise within the new high security environment prevalent in our federal facilities, and have since become one of the most trusted contractors for secure projects.

Our international experience includes operations in areas of high political and military tension. Our experienced project managers have developed the necessary systems and processes to facilitate rapid transit and deliver precise results. We are sensitive to government requirements and comply with all the necessary regulations, rules and processes so that our team can provide mission critical construction services in secure project locations overseas.