Project Management

At Cooper, we deliver excellence at every operational level, from the jobsite to the back office. This commitment to excellence is visibly demonstrated every day by our team of experienced project managers. Our project managers maintain proven business processes and practices that maximize efficiency, and minimize error. Every phase of a project, from design and planning through construction and finish work is guided by the same high-level oversight and attention to detail. We hold our team and our work to the highest standards, and therefore we are able to deliver quality results on time and on budget. It’s no wonder why Cooper Project Managers are trusted with planning and implementing some of the most demanding projects in military, government and commercial settings throughout the DC region.

Facilities Management and Maintenance

Not only can the Cooper team design and build a complex project from the ground up, we can also ensure continuous and efficient operation after construction is complete. Cooper’s facilities management and maintenance team offers the knowledge, skill and commitment to troubleshoot problems, perform repair and remodeling work, and keep constant watch over critical functions to “keep the lights on” where it matters most. We have decades of experience working in environments requiring minimal interruption to operations. Throughout the region, many high-profile, high-security facilities depend on Cooper’s proven expertise to remain active and operational.

Construction Management

When you need the job done right, Cooper will deliver. That’s why our clients in government, military and the commercial sector turn to us time and time again to provide turnkey construction services. We’re able to get it done right because of our effective construction management. Our planners, supervisors and construction managers have decades of hands-on experience working with clients and workers to deliver on time, on budget results. Our construction management expertise includes the full array of in-demand specializations, from electrical, to concrete, to paint and finish work, to modular construction and in-plant buildings. At Cooper, we demand excellence from our team at all levels. It is for this reason that our Construction Management capabilities distinguish us as a leader in the region.

Demand Excellence. Expect Precision.