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Cooper is on the leading edge of a new concrete technology that mitigates the transmission of radio frequency (RF) energy in much the same way as a traditional shielded enclosure, but with more advantages. Using standard concrete construction techniques, this RF Concrete (RavenCrete) can be used in multiple applications, and customized to your specific threat requirements; either as a defensive system to protect against an outside threat from penetrating your space, or as a shield to prevent your internal systems from emanating outside its boundary.  This includes protection for vital equipment such as computer and network systems, expensive equipment and infrastructure, WiFi networks, mobile devices, transmitters or other electronic devices.  Our RF system mitigates propagation of signals covering the entire wireless spectrum.

Rapidly Deployed, Low Cost Solution

As a quickly installed and placed concrete shield, RavenCrete helps prevent the potential compromise of proprietary, confidential, or classified information derived from spurious or inadvertent electronic emanations from digital computer and analog electronic equipment. Additionally the structural capability of Ravencrete can be designed to exceed Forced Entry Ballistic Resistance requirements.  When properly designed and constructed, RavenCrete has the potential to act as a Faraday Cage or Tempest Shield created with the flexibility, strength, and convenience of concrete that can meet both Shielding and Forced Entry Ballistic Resistance (FE/BR) requirements.  Combined with its shielding and FE/BR capabilities, RavenCrete provides a relatively low-cost and readily installed structure to protect sensitive digital and analog electronic equipment from potentially disruptive impacts of some unintentional or intentional static electric fields or bursts of electromagnetic energy from an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) device or radiation from solar flares.  One system, multiple levels of protection.

As a concrete-based system, Ravencrete not only provides the capabilities necessary, but also minimizes the costs associated with the maintenance and repair of a typical shielded enclosure.  Whether you have an existing facility that requires an upgrade of a shielded system, or need to build a new facility, consider the benefits of Ravencrete.  It can also be utilized as a shot-crete application, and can provide the protection with the same added protection that you need.

Total Protection and Durability

By using RF Concrete, the possibilities and applications are virtually unlimited. This powerful capability, delivered by simple concrete construction, has captured the attention of many players in the RF Attenuation community. This is a solution that is available today and has the test results to prove its powerful capabilities.

We invite you to call Todd Blaszak at (703) 281-4800 to discuss how RavenCrete can help solve your technical, budgetary and security-related issues.

RavenCrete – Radio Frequency Concrete from Cooper Materials on Vimeo.

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