Leading Provider of Secure Technologies

When national security is on the line, nothing should be left to chance. That’s why federal agencies and military clients trust Cooper to provide secure technologies and construction services where it matters most. Our proven history of providing industrial design and engineering services, expert advice, feasibility studies and technical services for sensitive government facilites has led us to develop new construction materials, and applications for these new products and processes.

Our revolutionary Ravencrete (radio frequency mitigating concrete) is a perfect example of our innovation and secure technologies expertise. The Ravencrete concrete system is a custom-designed application that blocks radio frequency (RF) energy, in much the same way as a traditional shielded enclosure, but with many more advantages.  In fact, it mitigates transmission of the entire wireless frequency band.  Using standard concrete building techniques, this Ravencrete can be used in multiple applications to protect sensitive information, and guard against breach.  If you’re trying to protect your facility against an outside threat, or contain sensitive data, we can customize a solution that will meet your needs.

Proven Leadership Delivers Results

Our project managers excel at the toughest assignments both domestically and overseas, even within the most challenging schedules and budgets. At Cooper, we are dedicated to quality, performance, and results. Our team of skilled craftsmen includes professionals who are not only well-trained and knowledgable, but are also trusted to work in the most secure and sensitive areas.

Demand Excellence. Expect Precision.