Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities:

As a trusted leader in the Mid-Atlantic region, our team excels in the design and construction of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, or SCIFs.  Depending on the level of security or information needs, many of our clients require SCIFs to maintain operational capabilities.  From physical protection and electronic security to visual and audio mitigation, Cooper has the experience, knowledge and personnel to support your needs.  Trust the team that has a vast history with the ICD705, JAFAN 6/9 and NSA Specifications, as well as various client-specific TEMPEST and other SCIF requirements.  We have built permanent SCIFs, as well as Mobile and Modular SCIF buildings, both domestically and internationally.

Selecting a SCIF Contractor:

Choosing a contractor to design and/or build your SCIF is an important decision. There are many factors that can your affect your decision including budget, timeline and most importantly the requirements. Due to the specialized nature of SCIFs, SAPF (Special Access Program Facilities) and RFSE (Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosures), the knowledge and experience of the team selected will be vital to a successful build.  Utilizing a design-builder, such as Cooper, will provide for an integrated project delivery where the cost and design can be customized to achieve the specified operational capability.  At Cooper, we not only know what it takes to build a SCIF, we also designed a specialized concrete (Ravencrete) that has been formulated to mitigate RF transmission.

When you’re ready to upgrade your facility or build a new SCIF, Cooper will be here to support your needs. You’ll not only get the Cooper team, but you’ll also get the Cooper guarantee that your facility will be Fully Accredited.

Demand Excellence. Expect Precision.