Army-World War I American trench, German pillbox and Redoubt #10 Exhibit Repairs, Carlisle, PA
Solicitation: UNAWRD-19-Q-0002                         Subcontracting Prices Due: 12/11/18 @ 4 PM
The Work consists of the replacement of the walls, roof and floor of the PC and AS and replace the access and entrance to the German Pillbox.  Also repair or replacement of the garrison gun platforms and gun embrasures and place concrete pads under the trails of the 8” Howitzer.

Leidos  – B560 Roof Exhaust Stacks, Frederick, MD
Solicitation: H19-2365                                                Subcontracting Prices Due: 12/17/18 @ 3 PM
Modify the roof stacks and attic exhaust duct work in Building 560.

USDA  – Vaults 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Washington, DC
Solicitation: 12314419R0004                                 Subcontracting Prices Due: 12/20/18 @ 5 PM
eplace/repair/service vaults. Scrape, prep and paint floors and walls in Vaults 4, 5, 6 and 7. Remove and replace the existing light fixtures in Vaults 4, 5, 6 and 7 with new. Sweep and clean the floors in Vault 1 and in Vault 6 replace exhaust fan. Remove the existing curbs surrounding the sump pumps and replace with new. Install new discharge piping with check and gate valves at each new sump pump.

Spotsylvania Judicial Center Expansion and Renovation, VA
Solicitation: 19-06-TV                                               Subcontracting Prices Due: 01/30/18 @ 2 PM
Renovation and expansion of approximately 32,860 square feet, located on the corner between Buildings B & C.  The shelled expansion shall consist of unfinished, HVAC conditioned space that will be able to be upfit and finished.  Construction shall include one General District Courtroom and support spaces in the base bid, a Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courtroom and support spaces as an alternate, and renovation of existing spaces as indicated.  Additional alternates include HVAC and lighting replacements in existing Buildings A, B, & C.


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