Road Word, Irrigation, Storage Building at Memphis National Cemetery, TN
Solicitation: 36C7861B0070                         BIDS: 01/17/18 @ 3 PM              Between $1 – $2 million
The contractor shall provide roadway, storm drainage and repair the existing irrigation system along portions of Memphis Drive. Design and install irrigation system zones in the area surrounding the new PIC/Administration building per the drawings and contract specifications.

Upgrade Basement Pharmacy HVAC on Campus of Louis A. Johnson VAMC IAW, Clarksburg, WV
Solicitation: 36C24518Q0057                      BIDS: 01/26/18 @ 12 PM           Between $500K – $1 million
Work includes general construction, alterations, mechanical and electrical work, BAS controls work, tie-in with laboratory equipment, and necessary removal of existing construction and certain other items.

Freight Elevator Modernization, DC
Solicitation: 2031ZA18Q00083                      BIDS: 01/26/18 @ 12 PM           Between $500K – $1 million
Modernize the existing freight elevator #2 in the Main building in accordance with the drawings and specifications. The site preparation may include, but may not be limited to, demolition of existing architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, etc. systems and replacing these disciplines with new systems.

Renovate 305 for Fiscal Proj 613-15-128, Martinsburg, WV                          Between $1 – $5 million
Solicitation: 36C24518B0027                        BIDS: 1/31/18 @ 1 PM
Work includes general construction, alterations, roads, walks, grading, drainage, mechanical and electrical work, laboratory equipment, utility systems, elevators and dumbwaiters, water storage facilities, necessary removal of existing structures and construction and certain other items.

IDIQ MACC, Firm Fixed Price, 8(a)MACC Mechanical Contract for Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning for NAVFAC Washington area.
Solicitation: N4008017R0006                        BIDS: 02/01/18 @ 3 PM              Between $100K – $5 million
SEED Project: A-59 New Mechanical room and Central hot Water System, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington, D.C.

Carwash Renovation to include Adding a Friction Automatic Bay, Quantico, VA
Solicitation: QUM17-R-1006                        BIDS: 02/15/18 @ 3 PM
Contractor shall supply all required material, equipment, parts, supplies, and labor to provide a fully functioning friction automatic carwash, an addition to house the friction automatic carwash, all site work, and all final plumbing and electric connections to existing MCCS utilities.

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