USDA South Building – Room 0410 Data Center Conversion, DC ($1-5 million)
Solicitation: 12314218B0011                  Subcontracting Prices Due: 08/12/18 @ 3 PM
Replace the existing data center Room S100.

Replace HVAC System in Building 3312, Quantico, VA ($250-500K)
Solicitation: N4008018R1042               Subcontracting Prices Due: 08/17/18 @ 2 PM
This project will replace the HVAC units in building 3312. The work shall include new drip pans with safeties and drain lines. Balancing the air flow, connecting units to the DDC and working with the Siemens contractor to ensure proper operations per the program. Replacement of exhaust fans 1 and 2.

DLA – Building 83 Renovation, New Cumberland, PA ($5-$10 million)
Solicitation: SP3300-18-B-5003            Subcontracting Prices Due: 08/27/18 @ 2 PM
The contractor shall repair exterior of the building by repainting the exterior CMU walls, downspouts, doors and frames, and associated exterior accessories providing a uniform and aesthetic appearance.
Replace existing warehouse windows with translucent panels and louvers, or CMU infill. Install a new high speed roll-up door on the east and west ends of the building. Repair existing steam heat system and piping within the warehouse and Administration Annex areas by replacement. Construct new CMU block room on a portion of an existing warehouse dock to house new mechanical equipment.

USACE – Fort Myer – ANC Perimeter Security Fence,VA ($10-$20 million)
Solicitation: W912DR18B0007             Subcontracting Prices Due: 08/29/18 @ 2 PM
The purpose of this project is to provide Fort Myer with a protective barrier ornamental fence and associated access gates to secure the eastern perimeter along its boundary with the Arlington National Cemetery. The contractor will be required to construct approximately 9,600 LF of an 8’ perimeter ornamental security fence along the eastern boundary of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH) in order to correct existing security deficiencies. The fence will begin at Fort Myer’s Wright Gate and continue past the ANC Millennium Site to the former Gate 3 at Henderson Hall. The fence will be installed an average of 15 to 20 feet from the existing stone wall on the JBM-HH side of the property line. The ornamental fence will be aesthetically neutral as viewed from the ANC side. Existing perimeter exterior lighting poles will be relocated to a new functional placement point relative to the new security fence, and installed along perimeter fence to aid with continuous or periodic observation. Infrastructure for intrusion detection system cameras and poles will be installed as required based on optimum functional placement relative to the new security fence.  The perimeter fence will be compliant with Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) requirements, and will include four (4) new K-12 rated vehicular sliding gates along the JBM-HH side of the property line at access points between JBM-HH and ANC. The existing Old Post Chapel parking lot will be expanded and repaved. In the Tri-Service Parking Lot, several parking areas adjacent to the boundary wall will be returned to green space.  All of the parking spaces along the ANC wall near Henderson Hall will be removed and turned into green space.  To counter the lost spaces, a new 117 space parking lot will be constructed west of Henderson. Construction phasing will be required in several areas including: Old Post Chapel, Memorial and Selfridge gates.

Virginia Department of Corrections – Headquarters Lobby Security Renovation, Richmond, VA
Subcontracting Prices Due: 08/30/18 @ 2 PM
The project is generally about 1,200 square feet single story main building entrance and security checkpoint, steel column and joist frame, bullet resistant curtain wall, aluminum storefront and glass doors, standing seam metal roof, metal wall panels, ballistic curtain wall and power sliding doors, custom millwork with ballistic ratings, porcelain pavers and tile, walk-off flooring, gypsum board and acoustic ceiling, wet pipe sprinkler, LED lighting, and electrical.

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